Created in 2014 BC-TEX is a subsidiary of one of the world's most experienced and specialized recycling companies.

Mr. Zhang established our holding company, Fujian Baichuan Recycling Science & Technology Co. in 2004. A true pioneer, he saw early on the opportunity in waste plastic and made it his life's work to create solutions for this growing problem.

Today the company is a high-tech business specializing in recycling PET bottles into heavy-duty fabrics for luggage lining, umbrella cloth, tablecloth and tents for companies like Ikea and Samsonite. With over 15 years experience in recycling and the recent spike in demand for his recycled products, the company has rapidly become a market leader.

Over the years the company has invested in new technologies and improved production processes. Because of this, yarns and fabrics have improved dramatically. Softer and more technical, it became possible to produce high quality, durable products that meet apparel industry standards. So, to capitalize on this, BC-TEX was born and companies like Adidas soon stepped in.

Now BC-TEX serves fashion brands and retailers across the globe with durable soft yarns and beautiful fabrics for garments, backpacks, and sneakers. While our holding company focuses on the outdoor, luggage and furniture industry with heavy-duty fabrics, our focus is purely on providing sustainable yarns and fabrics specifically designed for the apparel industry.



Take the pressure off our natural world, with smart, sustainable pro-active solutions designed for the apparel industry.



Working closely with our factory and research & development team, BC-TEX is managed by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the production process and provide the best sustainable solutions in the industry. Fluent in English, we have experience working with global companies and put a strong focus on providing world-class service.



We’ve invested heavily to provide the most innovative processes available and are committed to being at the forefront of recycling technologies. We control our entire industrial production chain, from PET bottle cleaning, extruding, spinning, and weaving, to finishing and manufacturing. And with recent investments from Tsing Capital (China’s first investment fund dedicated to sustainable technology in China), our company can continue to lead the industry into a greener era.

Our factories are located close to the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen. With 2 international airports and 1 bullet train hub near by, they are very accessible. Located on 138 acres, we employ almost 400 people with a current footprint of 75,433 square meters.



Current yarn production is 5000 tons per month. Our yarn is sold globally with a significant portion being woven into fabrics. Annual installed capacity is 50 million meters. And our zipper production is currently running at over 25 million meters per month.


Annual production

• 60.000 tons of recycled yarn
• 50 million meters of recycled fabric
• 300 million meters of recycled zipper



Every consideration is taken to make sure we meet strict environmental codes.

All the water used in our factory is recycled and reused. All waste from PET bottles is also reused. Even the carton yarn cones are made from recycled paper and are reused or recycled afterward.


All our yarns, fabrics and zippers conform to the standard of RoHS, EN71, and REACH. Furthermore, our factories achieved ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

Certifications obtained are:

• GRS (Global Recycled standard)